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Download Smooch In Hd Quality

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Download Movie "Smooch" Movie In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod

Movie Title :Smooch
About : SMOOCH is a modern retelling of the classic Frog Prince tale with a romantic comedy twist. A rakishly handsome "English Royal" comes to America for an arranged marriage, and ends up being mugged in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and left with amnesia. A precocious 11yeargirl, who can't bring herself to dissect a frog in science class, goes to the park with the intent of setting it free, and through a serendipitous misunderstanding thinks she turned the frog into a man after kissing the frog's booboo away with a kind smooch. She brings him home and soon realizes the only way she can "keep him" is to have the man impersonate a "Royal Nanny" and convince her beautiful widowed mother to hire him. With the clock ticking and his royal family searching for him, the man whose memory eventually returns to him falls hard for the girl's mom, and it seems like a Valentines Day dream come true until he's found by his family and is forced to finally stop being a bit of a "toady"... and become a real man. In the end, the little girl, the guy, and the gal, all discover that even in today's crazy world, "happy ever after" is possible.

Year : 2011
Genres : Comedy

IMDB Rating : 5.80

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Actors : Kellie Martin=Gwen Cole
Simon Kassianides=Percy / Fynn
Kiernan Shipka=Zoe Cole
Nick Ullett=Wilkins
Rod Myers=Sam Simon
Michael R. Wilson=Det. Stanley Novak
Emma-Lee Hess=Kate
Geoffrey Beauchamp=Duke of Hamm
Joanna Hastings=Duchess of Hamm
Sonja Crosby=Alice
Drew Shackelford=Jason
Rio Scafone=Teacher
Erin Nicole=Hilary
Olivia Wickline=Witch / Mrs. Polanski
Peter Carey=Hillary's Dad
Tom Carlson=Huge Guy 1
Rhett J. Brandt=Fish Vendor
Kira Spencer Hesser=Sales Girl
Shirley Benyas=Mrs. Bieker
John Dezsi=Bodyguard

Full movie in DVD, HD and DivX
Directors : Ron Oliver

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