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Download "Carlos" Episode #1.2 In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod Formats

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Download Movie ""Carlos" Episode #1.2" Movie In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod

Movie Title :"Carlos" Episode #1.2
About :The majority of this second episode is devoted to a detailed account of the operation that remains one of the most
spectacular terrorist acts of the period. Leading a groupof six militants leftists from German Revolutionary Cells and Palestinian militants including Anis Naccache Carlos seizes control of the OPEC headquarters, taking ministers and accompanying delegates hostage. He is at the height of his notoriety in the media. However, by finally releasing the ministers at Algiers airport in exchange for a large ransom, he fails the mission that Haddad had given him.
This marks the end of relations between the two men. From now on, Carlos becomes a mercenary for hire to whichever country offers the most. First Iraq, then Syria. He switches operations to behind the Iron Curtain, moving between Budapest and East Berlin under the protection of the Stasi. He works with the remnants of the Revolutionary Cells, in particular Johannes Weinrich and his wife Magdalena Kopp, who soon leaves Weinrich for Carlos.

Year : 2010
Genres : History

IMDB Rating : 7.80

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